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So the 3 memes I chose were Successful Black Man, Y U NO, and Rebecca Black’s Friday Video.

Successful Black Man


Rebecca Black's Friday

Rebecca Black’s Friday

I chose these memes because they were ones that I have seen before.  I actually blogged one of the Successful Black Man memes on my tumblr, and it got the most reblogs of any post I’ve had. It’s funny because it’s almost racist, but instead puts a positive spin on sayings such as I got 99 problems, out of 100 right on my cpa.  I’ve seen a lot of funny Y U NO’s on Facebook.  This one is entertaining because it mocks an asian accent why asking ridiculous questions. The Rebecca Black video went viral last year.  It has over 10 million views of a terrible song with a terrible singer.  It became so popular because this poor girl put out a video with confidence and everyone made fun of her. The intended audience was definitely supposed to be mainstream music audience, but instead it caught the attention of people of all ages for the wrong reason.

Meme’s are absolutely a product of fan culture.  They are user created and sent around to people by their friends.  People can express themselves in them such as Rebecca Black,  she was trying to express her creativity but it backfired.  In a way it also made her extremely popular. These memes become popular through social media sites such as Facebook and twitter. It’s a part of everyday media because people see these meme’s on their Facebook home page their response is to share it with their friends. It is passed without corporate intention.  If I had to pick between the two options, I would say memes rebrand themselves.  They are often do not have serious content but instead are just created to entertain their audience.  For our project they would be very useful because we are trying to capture the attention of middle school children.  What would be better than showing them popular images or videos that they recognize?

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Successful Black Man: Image Gallery | Know Your Meme

Successful Black Man: Image Gallery | Know Your Meme.

via Successful Black Man: Image Gallery | Know Your Meme.

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Wizards We Are

I always thought I was a fan of Harry Potter.  I saw EVERY movie at midnight, have read (and reread) the entire series, even visited Harry Potter Wizarding World in Universal, but I’m nothing compared to these fans.

Harry Potter Wizarding World borrowed from google images

The Harry Potter fan culture is unlike any other fandom.  I won’t lie, I was planning on just watching the intro of this movie, but it really grabbed my attention and I watched it all.  It is so interesting to see how people take their fan for a book series to another level.  I had never heard of Wizard Rock before this film.  I’m not really a fan of the music itself, but I completely respect the bands like Harry and the Potters and the Hungarian Horntails.  They are just fans that are expressing their own creativity.  I had heard of the Potter War.  I think Warner Brothers were a couple of dicks in the way they handled their fans.  They rely on the fans to purchase merchandise and spend money on the movies, but aren’t allowed to create their own stories.  In no way is making these fan fiction stories hurting the name of Harry Potter.  If anything they are creating more press and getting the fans even more connected to Harry Potter.  They should see how valuable their fans are and that them being involved will only help branding not hurt it.

I do not think that the fan culture would be the same without the internet.  The internet has provided a space for fans to connect.  It has provided a platform for their to share their own creations.  I think it’s amazing how people have been able to find their own space/calling thanks to Harry Potter fan culture.  This culture is user created and inviting to all.  It’s pretty cool.

Harry Potter Puppet Pals

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Thanksgiving … no class but same amount of work… break

Honestly, I think my group is doing pretty ok on our project! We actually put a dent in the creation process this week! Taylor started the tumblr, Nicole found some useable (creative commons) videos, I did the voice in the screencast, and Alexa has started editing all the pieces together.  This is not to say we’re done by any means, but we at least have something to physical to work on.  It was nice, we all got together and split the work without even really a discussion.  Of course my high pitched voice has to be the star.  I hate my voice but I can sound very animated.  Luckily Alexa will be editing it for the rough draft so that I don’t have to listen to it over and over!

Borrowed from google images

I can’t believe how easy it was to hook up the microphone.  It just connected via usb.  Alexa is awesome and really payed attention the day we learned about sound check.  With her adjustments I think the screencast actually came out pretty well! We used screen-o-matic which was the simplest screen casting site ever! (I’m sorry but much better than jing).  We just dragged the box over the schools website and went from there (separating the total presentation into about 5 sections).

In reality most of the work that I’ll be doing over break will be for my other classes.  I have 4 group project finals including this one, so its just constant work at this point. I’m excited to see what our video looks like all together!

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The Shining!

I regrettably will be posting about the Shining because I was unable to attend the field trip this week 😦 I can’t wait to see everyone’s post about how it was! But back to the Shining. This is a complete misrepresentation of the movie.  Yes I do realize it was done on purpose, but the Shining was my first horror movie.  It leaves a mark on you and that clip did not give the impression it was scary at all.

If I were to recreate this trailer it would definitely be much creepier! First of all, the voice alone is too upbeat.  The voice over I would have would be much deeper and have a scary tone.  The movie is horror so I want the narrative to get the audience ready for scare! I actually might not have a voice over at all.  It would be the shots I’m about to explain and maybe end with a Jack Nickelson quote from the movie. I think my opening shot would be of the Overlook hotel.

The Overlook Hotel borrowed from google images

In the movie Jack isn’t the best man, but doesn’t turn evil until the hotel takes over.  The hotel is almost a character in the movie so I think it’s important to focus on it.  I might start with a wide shot like this and as it zooms show flashes of the movie (like the little boy talking to his finger, the wife looking scared, the twins in the hall, jacks scary face) and go closer and closer until the last shot is when the blood is running from the elevator.

Blood elevator

That is the scene that everyone remembers from the movie so it’s a good way to draw in the crowd. The music I would want would be that creepy song from the movie.  The song is by Harry Woods, called Midnight, the Stars and You.  It is so creepy and eerie, it would be perfect!

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Un creative commons

So originally my group had a lot of ideas of what media we were going to use.  We wanted to use video in-between each category of Destiny we explain as a transition that keeps the attention of our audience.  Our target is middle school so we went with the typical favorites like Justin Bieber, Solena Gomez, Joe Jonas, you know.  Unfortunately due to copy right laws our idea has to be dramatically changed.  This week in class Aaron showed us a site that we can find media that is allowed to be recreated/shared/used in our projects called Common Creative.  There are all sorts of distinctions of what can be done with certain media, whether it can be used for non-profit, recreated etc. Unfortunately the selection is much less than we had hoped for.

The video I chose was someone playing a piano version of Justin Bieber’s Baby.  I feel like I’m just cheating, that that is just stealing Justin’s song but the person listed their website and said they were selling their CD so does that mean they own the rights to the song? I could be wrong so I definitely need to check into that.

The picture I found reminded me of the library from Beauty and the Beast.


I chose this in order to show how large a library can seem.  If I went in there to find a book, I’d be terrified.  That’s where Destiny comes in.  It helps you find books instead of searching throughout endless shelves and stacks. The image comes from,r:5,s:0&tx=86&ty=35&biw=1280&bih=592

Finally the song I chose is terrible.  I was looking for anything I knew, yet there seemed to be none.  In all honesty this song annoys me to no end, but it’s techno.  I need to find something better thought, I will kill myself if I have to listen to this song over and over again while editing! Sorry I know that doesn’t make it useful, but I temporarily give up!

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Let me tell you a story… board

So this week we had to make a story board.  In the past this has been something I hate doing.  You have to take each scene that you plan on filming and give a detailed image to sum up each camera angle.  I hate it. But this time it wasn’t so bad.  My group is doing a screencast of the online catalog, Destiny.  Our idea for how to incorporate a story board was by giving a shot of each of Destiny’s functions.  We are going to be giving a visual how to so this was a way to split up the project into sections.  We have a shot of how to navigate the home page, gave a main screen shot search example, how to browse the book shelf, title details, and how to personalize your destiny.

We also added clips of music videos in between each of these shots.  It is a good way to transition between slides as well as try to keep the attention of the students.  The first clip I chose is from Justin Bieber.  In my research, as well as common sense, that Justin Bieber is HUGE among middle school students.  The song I chose (which we’ll probably change later) is Find me somebody to Love.  The next song I chose, which is actually his girlfriend, is Selena Gomez’s I love you like a love song.  It is extremely catchy so I thought it would work well.  Next is Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper.  The first 3 of these artists are the cover of every teen magazine every week, (Tiger Beat, Seventeen) so I thought they were a good choice to bring in our audience.  The last video that I chose was Katy Perry’s Firework.  A coworker of mine told me that she is all the rage with that age group because of how catchy her songs are so I thought it was a good idea.  I think we actually put together a pretty good story board!

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The beginnings of a group project

So unfortantely my group and I have sort of dropped the ball on this document.  With Halloweekend, we got a little forgetful but I know this is something we can do! To be honest I was a little disappointed in the subject manner for the final project.  I originally thought our group would get to pick the non-profit organization we were going to help with.  I was excited to design a project to help with Susan G. Komen, the non profit organization that helps raise money for Breast Cancer research and education.  It’s my sororities philanthropy, so this semester I made sure to save pictures and information from our events because I knew about this project.  However, this was not the case so I’ve moved on.  Instead we’re helping with a Middle School Library.

My group, consisting of my other ZTA’s, Nicole, Taylor, and Alexa, decided to tackle option 7, teaching students how to navigate the online catalog, Destiny.  We decided that the best way to do this is a screencast.  Using a source like Jing, we could record ourselves giving a step by step of how to use the catalog.  I think medium is the best way to literally show the students how the site works.  Another idea we came up with included using Youtube.  We loved the tool Aaron showed us, creating a Youtube game.  We thought it would be a good way to test if the students, for example giving two options for what the next step is and they have to decide which one is to move on.  The third idea we thought of was using Imovie.  It is a good way to give visual demonstrations.

The Biebs, Borrowed from google images

Unfortunately my group did not exactly do the google document right.  We answered a little bit of what Aaron wanted, but to the extent he was hoping.  I decided to answer the question of what our target audience was.  I know that the middle school age is hard to instruct.  They think they’re older than they are even though they tend to be awkward (I know this from expereince).  However I focused on things their age group seems to be obsessed with at the moment which included 1. Justin Bieber, 2. Angry Birds, 3. Video Games, 4. Twilight, and 5. Youtube.  I realize that these are almost stereotypes for their age group, but I based these off the interests of my little cousins in middle school.  It was kind of hard to find sources for these things.  I knew what to look for, but spent a good amount of time finding actual sources to prove my theories. I had to take some liberties like using the list of nominations from this years Teen Choice Awards, but I was over all successful at finding proof.

Angry Birds, borrowed from google images

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Top 5

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Gaming it up

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